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Efficient Delivery by Fuel Oil Distributors

Reliable oil distributors in Shropshire and surrounding areas are not just out to make a tidy profit. They are passionate about providing a customer focused service that ensures the delivery of high quality fuel in the most efficient manner. A lot of different fuel oil firms provide different services despite delivering the same product. Dependable oil distributors will often provide a free of charge visual inspection that acts as a preventative measure against any potential leaks, cracks or signs of stress that may lead to a loss of fuel during long term storage.
A strong working relationship between customer and supplier will ensure the distribution process will go smoothly and to a very high standard. However, this does not mean that you should not be attentive to what you are being delivered. The correct fuel with the essential filtering is what you should seek and you should receive nothing less. The last thing you need is for pollutants to be entering your heating system or machi…

The History of Well Logging

In 1926, brothers Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger founded Schlumberger Limited which specialises in Borehole Logging, Slimhole Logging, Oil Gas Logging and more. Conrad was originally a respected physicist and Marcel a respected engineer. During his work as a professor, Conrad thought that it would be great if you could measure the conductivity of ore beds and so he began experimenting with various tools such as a bathtub! His experiments proved to be successful and were the beginning of their road to establishing themselves as the geniuses behind well logging.

The pair began to travel all over the world from the USA to Serbia and in between. They eventually conducted their first electrical survey before signing a profitable contract with Pechelbronn oil field. Their electrical survey quickly became known as well logging, becoming more and more efficient as time passed. The Schlumberger business thrived and gained worldwide recognition. Unfortunately, Conrad passed away due to a heart …

Applications for AFM Raman Systems Raman spectroscopy in Arts and Archaeology

AFM-Raman Systems and Raman Spectroscopy has become very popular in a range of different scientific fields within the past 10 years due to advances which have meant that Raman spectroscopy has never been simpler to perform. Advances both in testing times and portability have meant that Raman spectroscopy is now the chief choice of very many scientists in the field of forensics, but there are other industries which have embraced Raman spectroscopy technology throughout their investigative procedures.

What sort of materials is Raman spectroscopy used on?

The list of applications is indeed broad, due to the fact that Raman spectroscopy can be used to analyse almost everything. Raman spectroscopy is suitable for the analysis of solids, powders, liquids, gels, slurries and gases, and everything in-between. Furthermore, Raman spectroscopy shows promising spectra on inorganic materials such as plastics and polymers as well as organic ones, and can even be used on biological materials such as …

Flexible Hoses: What You Need to Know About Installation

Using a flexible metal hose correctly is of vital importance as the health and safety of employees is vitally important, alongside the continuous workflow of daily production. There are various precautionary measures to take before even thinking about the hose installation process.

The first precautionary measure to take is to check that the hose is the correct application for the job at hand, as having the right material, pressure rating, chemical resistance and temperature sustainability is vital for the performance of your hose and machinery. Thoroughly examine the hose for any noticeable or obvious signs of damage. Common signs of damage can include the fraying of wire braiding, dents or crushing that may result in a reduction of the hoses lifespan or pressure rating.

The movement of a flexible metal hose should be limited to a single plane. There should also be a restriction to the amount of twisting that can potentially occur, as pushing the bend of a hose to an extreme will almos…

Submicron Spectroscopy Has Been Achieved With Mirage IR

IR Microscopy has always been subject to limitation, which has meant that the value of IR microscopy has always been significantly less than other means of material identification available.

The world leader in nanoscale IR spectroscopy, Anasys Instruments, have changed the field of IR spectroscopy with the announcement of their brand new product – the Mirage IR – which actually makessubmicron spectroscopy possible, feasible, achievable – and reliable to boot.

Submicron spatial resolution means, in viable terms, an increase of over 20x the spatial resolution available on anything else on the market. Anasys have been well known as a company which invests heavily in research and development, working with scientific advisors around the world to consistently break barriers with constant invention and discovery – and the Mirage IR is easily considered a game changer in the field of IR microscopy.

You simply cannot achieve submicron spatial resolution on any other product – and the barriers of…

Knowing Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies

Stainless steel hose assemblies are specifically designed to deliver certain objectives as pipe work within various types industry. These can include the absorption of vibrations, being used under vacuum, withstanding varying degrees of temperature, noise reduction, reducing movement and withstanding the severity of high pressures. The specification of stainless steel hoses makes them the perfect candidate for use in industries with demanding workflow.
The Design
The Corrugated stainless steel hose is commonly designed with a cylindrical tube with a thin wall and welded at the seam. Corrugation is then impressed into the tube to create a distinct advantage for the movement of each corrugation, which are independent from each other during movement. The name “Closed Pitch” hose is used when corrugations are closely spaced, with “Open Pitch” hoses having widely spaced corrugations.
The Specifications
Stainless steel hose assemblies are a fantastic alternative to other hose materials when tra…

Specifications of Stainless Steel Hoses

Stainless steel hose assemblies are a fundamental part of production and manufacturing in a wide variety of industries. Standard hoses can be used more often than not within industries, but the durability and preventative measures of stainless steel hoses brings an element of security and efficiency to the daily production process. Some industries are not prepared to invest in
Despite these hoses being manufactured out of a robust metal, they do in fact retain a degree of flexibility that is the result of the corrugated design of the metal. The lifespan of a flexible metal hose is dependant on the severity of its daily usage. If the hose is subjected to hot temperatures, vibrations, corrosive materials and varying degrees of pressure then their life span may become slightly shorter.
However, stainless steel hoses are far more durable than hoses made from regular pipe materials and will outlive rubber or PVC hoses by a considerable amount. More protection can be acquired by using braided…