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Agilent Ion Getter Pumps in UHV Applications

UHV, or Ultra High Vacuum, is a vital technology which is utilised in all manner of scientific applications today. There is all manner of utilisation for Agilent Ion Getter Pumps as well as Agilent Titanium Sublimation Pumps in multiple scientific fields, as a result.

Some sciences, such as high energy physics, medical particle acceleration, as well as the surface science community in general have benefitted massively from the application of Ultra High Vacuum to their respective fields, and this technology was developed to be far superior to existing methods which involved the application of glass chambers – which understandably, are very impractical for high-temperature and high-pressure testing.

Ultra High Vacuum is today utilised with the Vaclon Pump, which uses stainless steel in both forms and tubing. Furthermore, flanges are copper-sealed, and feedthroughs are designed in meta-ceramic in order to deal with environments and pressures which are very high. Stainless Steel showed to h…

Understanding Flexible Metal Components

A flexible metal hose is used to transfer media under varying pressures and temperatures. These metal hoses must be incredibly resilient to these pressures and temperatures in order to successfully transport the media from one part of the machinery to another. A flexible metal hose must be able to resist the working environment that surrounds the hose such as severe vibrations and potentially damaging materials that may leak from other components. Here we will look further into these components to fully understand the uses of a flexible metal hose.
A metal hose assembly will consist of a corrugated hose that is both leak-proof and resilient to varying pressures. These hoses will often be braided in order to absorb as much damage and force as possible, to prevent any severe damage to the hose assembly that could cause disruption to daily workflow. It is common to attach a PTFE liner that increases the stability of the hose, establishing further resistance to chemicals and other media th…