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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing: The Ins & Outs

Hydrostatic testing is one of several testing methods based around pressure to ensure the functionality of any pipes or industrial hoses and the safety of employees who work in the vicinity of these pipes and hoses on a daily basis. If one of these pipes or hoses fails during the working day it can become incredibly detrimental to business and productivity. Ensuring the reliability, durability and detection of leaks, cracks and irregular bends will provide a certain level of security to productivity, efficiency and safety.
The responsibility of pressure testing for efficiency and safety is down to heads of the company, with assistance and leading from pressure testing professionals. The results collected by these individuals provides detailed information on exactly how reliable the pipe or hose is, and if it may be worthwhile to replace them before an accident occurs.
The commonly used hydrostatic pressure testing method uses completely clean water to apply pressure inside the gas pipes…

Industrial Hose Reels & Their Conveniences

Wear and tear can occur if your hose is simply left out for extended periods of time in a hectic, possibly dangerous, working environment. Industrial hoses on a reel keep everything within the application in top condition, removing the chances of unnecessary damage that will require a replacement and subsequently a large cost.
The organisation of several industrial hoses in one business can be an absolute nightmare. The space that is required when storing a regular hose can become quite detrimental, so utilising the space saving benefits of a hose reel can save on space and provide a storage area for so much more.
Retractable hose reels are designed with features that allow them to be easily mounted on to walls and ceilings, leaving you to utilise the maximum amount of storage and work space as possible. Other reels are designed to be mounted on trucks and heavy duty vans, so if you happen to have a fleet of vehicles that are capable of having reels fixed to them, you can completely uti…

Measuring Vacuum Testing

There is no doubt that the term “vacuum” is quite often misinterpreted. Subsequently, the term is then misapplied when referring to the measurement of pressure when carrying out pressure tests. 

The dictionary definition of “vacuum is; a space that is partially exhausted by artificial means. When a business within an industry is required to perform tests on industrial hoses, there is no safer way to acquire test results than to use vacuum testing.

Detecting leaks using the methods provided by vacuum testing allows for accurate test results and a safer means of achieving those results, i.e. implosion rather than explosion. A recurring problem in vacuum systems is the moisture that is present. Utilising a vacuum test will determine when the system is dried and will cause the least amount of damage during testing.

There are a number of technological aids (such as pressure gauges and sensors) to help detect any cracks or leaks, however, those faults can be easily and visibly detected with fl…

What is AFM-IR?

AFM-IR, or atomic force microscopy based infrared spectroscopy is a form of chemical imaging which creates a visual image of components which make up chemicals, which uses extremely high powered microscopes. This is typically done with a radiation source to illuminate the sample which is being observed, as well as the usage of an AFM probe which detects thermal expansions from the radiation source. Also used is a high-powered imaging system to translate the probe’s movements into an image, and finally a detector array to categorise. AFM-IR places results in a three-dimensional block, which spans x and y dimensions.
AFM-IR has enormous application in a whole variety of fields. Whether it is chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmaceutical agricultural or industrial use, the ability to analyse substances and work our properties is vital. AFM-IR has quickly become one of the most powerful and efficient ways to characterise material surfaces, especially at nanoscale resolution. Nanoscale resol…

Nanomechanics iNano: The World’s Most Powerful Nanoindenter

The iNano is Nanomechanics foray into affordable nanoindentation testing, and the system looks like a fantastic thing which can benefit all manner of laboratories and universities across the world. The system has received numerous accolades for just how easy it is to set up and manage, with installation being a matter of unpacking and plugging it in as needed. Make no mistake, the iNano is a system with a lot of power behind it – and considering how easy it is to set up, most might consider the Nanomechanics iNano quite lightweight and not so powerful. 
However, nothing could be further from the truth. The Nanomechanics iNano is the most powerful nanoindentor on the market, and is a new standard in nanoindentation.
The iNano from Nanomechanics is actually the most powerful nanoindentation testing system in the world, and features repeatability, accuracy and precision which blows its competitors out of the water. Well and truly the highest performing and most capable nanoindentation t…

Feel The Pressure To Perform Hydraulic Pressure Tests

There are a large number of reasons why hydraulic hose failure can be detrimental to the performance and efficiency of businesses within a varying degree of industries. Hoses that fail to perform can not only cause damage to the production of products, but can also cause damage to employees and become quite costly with both time and repairs. 
That is why it is absolutely essential to perform regular hydraulic testing on your hoses to ensure the continued production and safety within an industry and business.
But what exactly do you get out of a hose pressure test? Well firstly, the vital knowledge of whether or not your hydraulic hoses are fit for purpose. You will gather crucial information about the hoses condition and reliability within their working environment; such as if a hose needs replacing immediately or whether their durability will last until the next test. However, it’s not as easy as one basic test to suit all requirements. Below are the four most commonly practiced hydrau…

An Interesting Insight into Truss Design

The common roof truss design that we see so often these days are simply frames of wood, in a triangular shape, that are joined with steel connection plates. 
This style and shape of commonly used trusses have not really changed all that much over the years, however, the construction method has changed to incorporate better safety precautions. The style and shape has been widely used since the very first construction methods were devised, where man would use strong logs and sawn timber (many centuries later). The modern design of roof trusses allows for far more open space to be achieved in the desired room, and is a much quicker and more cost effective means of achieving an elegant, contemporary feel for your home. The roof truss is widely used within residential, agricultural and commercial construction. Their naturally robust structure allows for a long lifespan and greater flexibility in both roof and floor truss designs. They can be designed and constructed into almost any shape or s…

Submicron Spectroscopy in 2018

The field of IR microscopy has completely changed thanks to innovations brought to the surface science community by the American manufacturer, Anasys Instruments. This nanoscale spectroscopy company are credited with the invention of the Mirage IR microscope, something which is set to change the way of which submicron spectroscopy is achieved, as well as make it far more accessible to both academia and industry.
What exactly can be achieved with the Mirage IR compared to other forms of infrared spectroscopy, though? The answer is quite a lot. For instance, submicron spectroscopy with the Mirage IR eliminates the need for thin sections and thin samples, by achieving wholly wavelength independent spatial resolution. This has never been achieved by Anasys or indeed, any other manufacturer before, and means that highly sensitive and very precise infrared measurements are obtainable.
This breakthrough courtesy of Anasys is further complimented by the fact that the transmission quality of the…

Helium in Vacuum Testing

At its most basic, vacuum testing is a process applied to industrial hose assemblies in order to detect signs of stress or leaks, and to ensure that the hose will remain sturdy during its daily operation. One of the more beneficial means of detecting signs of stress or leaks during a vacuum test is to use helium. Helium is ideal for collecting clear results in order to figure out the size of a leak and where it is located.
Here we will go into more detail about vacuum testing and exactly how helium can make the process much easier.
Firstly, and most importantly, helium is an incredibly safe way to detect leaks within industrial hose assemblies. Helium is a dormant gas that is also non-toxic - unless exposed to large amounts which can cause asphyxiation; however, this is highly unlikely to occur during a vacuum test. Another rather important “safety feature” of helium is the fact that it is inflammable. In an active working environment with various machinery and moving parts, an inflamm…

Top Tips For Winter from Plumbing Merchants in Conwy

Every year when the autumn and winter months are upon us we pray that the cold weather holds off for just that little bit longer. Some of us truly enjoy the colder temperatures; wrapping up snugly in our winter hats, coats and scarves, but there is no denying that the cold weather can seriously affect things around the house.
The most obvious cause and effect of winter is a rise in heating costs, but have you considered the expenses that come with plumbing issues such as frozen pipes and broken heating systems? There are several ways to prepare your plumbing for winter with materials supplied by plumbing merchants in Conwy. Exterior Pipes and Faucets It is incredibly beneficial to provide preventative measures for the damage of regularly used external pipes and faucets. You can use preventative measures such as disconnecting garden hoses, as water still inside the pipes can freeze and block the hose and potentially expand causing some serious damage. The freezing of external pipes expos…

Keep Efficiency With Domestic Oils

When the prices of fuel and oil have increased significantly due to inflation it can be hard to find a good deal with fuel oil providers. However, respectable suppliers of domestic oil in Shropshire and the surrounding area will still be able to provide their customers with the best competitive rates around, even when prices have increased on a global scale. They will also be willing to provide you with helpful and friendly advice son how to keep the cost of your domestic oil as low as possible, making them a superior option. Advice on Domestic Oil Efficiency It may benefit you or your company to purchase your fuel or oil in warmer months ready for the winter period. Stocking up on domestic fuel oil during the summer will prevent you from purchasing it at the same time as everyone else will. Prices will skyrocket as the colder seasons approach so purchasing in the summer will make the prices understandably lower. If you intend on purchasing your fuel oil in bulk and storing it until win…

Jargon Busting: Borehole Logging

Borehole logging can be used for a range of purposes including hydrological and groundwater investigations, Environmental monitoring, Assessing coal deposits and more. It is the activity of logging the properties found in the ground using a number of specialised equipment. Our jargon-busting guide will explore and explain some of the terms commonly used in the field.

Log A log is a record of the various properties found in the rock and soil surrounding the borehole. Logs can measure a range of properties including the size of the borehole, the neutron absorption rate, the acoustic travel-time of the rock and more.

Winches A winch is a lifting device which is carefully engineered to ensure reliable operation under harsh field conditions. It usually consists of a strong cable, winding round a rotating drum which is then cranked by a motor.

There are a variety of winches available, each offering a range of benefits and applications. For example, Robertson Geologging work with a number of w…

Norman Architecture within Cheshire

Many buildings designed by architects in Cheshire both past and present have influences from Norman architecture. As you might have guessed, Norman architecture acquired its name through its roots in Normandy during the middle ages. Upon conquering England, the Normans acquired the architectural styles of the Romans, resulting in the construction of impenetrable castles, fortresses and cathedrals. Quite a large majority of buildings with Norman architecture are religiously based, from quaint village churches through to the grand cathedrals that still stand today. Significant traits of religiously influenced Norman architecture are their cross-like shape and bell towers. It was common for a building of this design to be constructed out of stone for more structural stability. As there were no stone masons or qualified architectural positions during that time, these stones were often uncut and of irregular shape and size. Another common trait within Norman architectural design is their di…

Benefit From Flexible Stainless Steel Hoses

Industries that use hose assemblies to transport harsher materials will tend to utilise the many benefits of a flexible metal hose. Hoses and pipes made out of stainless steel, the most common choice of hose material, will tend to be incredibly flexible and vary in shape and size. The stainless steel braided sleeve is highly resistant to the high temperatures and pressures required to transport certain materials from one point to another. Specifically, the hose will be fitted with crimped couplings that take a substantial amount of the pressure when the hose is in use. Commonly, industries will use a standard rubber hose for transporting liquids and gases. But those industries that require a little more durability for transporting harsh chemicals or gases will utilise the robust strength found with stainless steel coated hoses that have additional reinforcement to withstand the aforementioned high pressures. This strength brings the hose a much longer life span and resistance against f…

Submicron IR Spectroscopy: The Next Step in AFM

Submicron IR Spectroscopy from Anasys Instruments’ new mIRage™ IR microscope bridges the gap between conventional IR microspectroscopy and nanospectroscopy. This allows the user unbridled freedom in a variety of medical and scientific applications never before thought possible. The mIRage™ IR microscope is revolutionary – with absolutely no limitations when compared to traditional AFM techniques.
The mIRage™ IR microscope by Anasys Instruments provides wavelength independent spatial true submicron IR spatial resolution imaging as well as spectroscopy.  This innovation from Anasys Instruments – announced in October 2017- is a new concept in the world of photothermal IR spectroscopy due to this. But how exactly has it been made? Anasys Instruments are indeed leaders in all things AFM, and due to years of research and development, the mIRage™ IR microscope has been made possible, allowing users on a worldwide basis to embrace new techniques as well as the new possibilities which come with…

Buying from Builders Merchants You Trust

There is no doubt that there are those of you who simply want to complete a DIY project all by yourself. However, regardless of skill level, the tools and equipment you choose to use will define the outcome of your project. In today’s modern society there is a wide selection of companies to buy your equipment from, but nothing comes close to the high standard of tools and service provided by builders merchants in North Wales. Some provide a specific service such as timber or plumbing, but many provide a wide range of building and construction equipment to DIY customers. There is a list as long as your arm of all the materials, equipment and tools you can buy from builders merchants in North Wales. Hardware, lighting fixtures, tiles, paint, brushes are just some of the truly endless list. Not only do they supply the equipment, but they also offer friendly and knowledgeable information on how to use everything to its full effect. Companies that sell one item specifically tend to be more …

Range Cookers and How They Can Benefit You

The list of benefits from buying range cookers in Gwynedd is truly endless, and what better to start than discussing the fact that they are guaranteed to improve your cooking life and make everything easier for you. This is because of the larger hob space than most normal cookers and far greater oven capacity, usually with one large oven or multiple small ones providing you with flexibility when cooking. Having such a high quality, functional cooker will provide you with value for your money, as you won’t want to stop using the thing. If you enjoy hosting parties and cooking for groups of people, having much more oven space overall will be fantastic when cooking for those friends and family you want to impress so much. Juggling those starts and main courses has never been easier than with a fantastic range cooker, as well as a massive reduce in time spent in the kitchen. Not only will your new kitchen centrepiece be cost effective, but also a time saver. The configurations of range cook…

Is Document Storage Safe and Secure?

The security of documentation that is produced by your business is incredibly important and it is crucial that confidential information is stored safely and securely. This information can include, but is not limited to, financial documents, employment letters and client information on file.
These all sit on the branches of the confidential documentation tree and require a high level of care and attention that you will certainly be able to find at self storage and document storage in Congleton. It is good practice to locate and store documentation in facilities that provide easy access whenever you need it. Facilities in Congleton provide 24-hour access for customers who need access to their documentation in storage at a moments notice, secured with keypad access and unique PIN. There is a high chance that your business will generate a vast amount of paperwork and it is not helpful to you if you cannot deposit or retrieve paperwork from an easy access, logical system that you understand…

Well Logging - All about Well Logging

Well Logging - How Neutron Probes and Water Probes are an integral part of well creation and maintenance.

What is Well Logging?

Well Logging is an incredibly important part of any drilling effort, and a huge asset. This old, yet widely used technique is an integral section to proper well management and resource accountability. The meaning of the words ‘Well Logging’ is defined as any recorded incident of drilling to the deepness of a well, taking findings and recording graphs or charts.
This is further enabled by an application of many useful tools which decipher all corresponding electrical, acoustic and radioactive frequencies embedded within the surface of the rockface. These are applied to a drill itself or applied after the drilling process takes place. By working closely alongside logging experts, you can ensure that the necessary equipment suits your needs. If you’re unsure of the tools and necessary supplements that you may need for an upcoming logging operation, a premier supplie…