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IR Spectroscopy – The Basics

Infrared Spectroscopy is likened very much to a fingerprint, and it is by these fingerprints that the properties and appropriate identification of compounds and materials can be gleaned. As each and every human being has a set of fingerprints which are different in 100% of cases, but the same for each individual, as each property gleaned from IR spectroscopy is the same amongst all examples of a particular material, but different between different types.
The method of IR Spectroscopy is to look at characteristics of each “fingerprint” in order to identify the material from this. Instead of whirls or dips being examined, IR Spectroscopy is a matter of looking at a graph which appears to be full of troughs and peaks.
These graphs are obtained by using an appropriate IR Spectroscopy device in order to set a cantilever to the material, aim a fine-tuned laser at the cantilever, then blast the material with short bursts of radiation which is tuned to a point where the material reacts.
A materi…

Understanding Hydraulic Testing

A hydraulic testing method is required to be carried out in a systematic manner, alongside a basic understand of the hydraulic system in question and its functions. Before the testing procedure begins, it is important to find the hydraulic schematic and the serial number for the system being tested. Here we will discuss further the importance of testing your system and how it can benefit you in the long term.
If you have experienced the failure of a hydraulic component during a time that you can least afford it, or at an inconvenient time during daily production, then you are sure to benefit from testing your hydraulic system. A failure in your hydraulic system is an expensive circumstance. Every moment that your system is down and oil is spilling out at your feet is costing you money. It is essential to immediately identify the problem with your system in order to fix it; this is where a hydraulic test comes in.
Hydraulic testing will allow you to easily and safely simulate the conditi…